Increases in prices of foodstuffs in Lafia

14:03 21/12/2012 Lafia - Prices of foodstuffs have increased in Lafia market, in Nasarawa State due to high demand ahead of Christmas celebration.

A market survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) shows that a 50 kg Thai parboiled rice now sell for between N9,200 and N9 500 as against 8,750 sold at the beginning of the month.

A bag of 25 kg of Thai parboiled rice which was previously sold for between N3 700 and N3 800 now sells for between N4 500 and N5 000.

Mr Ejike Odoh, a rice dealer in Lafia market, told NAN on Friday that the increase was caused by high transport fare as well as the increase in demand.

He said: "Sellers do not just increase the prices of goods like that, the problem is that  there is increase in transport fares in conveying these good from either Abuja or Lagos to the state."

"For us to cover the unit cost of these goods, including the transport fares, we have to increase the prices of the products also."

Mr Aloysius Eze, a vegetable oil dealer in Doma road of Lafia, said that 18 litres of Sous vegetable oil which was previously sold at between N4 500 and N4 650 now cost between N4 800 and N5 000.

He, however, said the price of turkey oil did not increase and attributed the stable price to high quantity of old stock.

The prices of onions and tomatoes have also increase as Alhaji Usman Sale, an onion dealer, said a bag of onion, which was sold for N6 000 now attracts N35 000 in the market.

He attributed the increase to high transport fares and security crisis in onion producing states, including Bauchi, and Borno.

Mr Abdullahi Dan'Asabe and Adamu Abdullahi, dealers in tomatoes said that a basket of tomatoes was sold at N4 500 and N5 000 as against N1 500 and N1 800 in November.