Now that the fasting is over!

09:02 21/08/2012

Sallah messages have been dominated by the importance of peace and security to national development even as Muslims celebrate the Eid-el-Fitri,marking the end of Ramadan.Some of the messages called on Muslims to sustain their prayers for peace in their various states.

The Bauchi state governor on his sallah message said ‘’rather than slow down,Muslims should use the spiritual  rebirth gained in the month of Ramadan to double their commitments to praying for their individual states and Nigeria at large even beyond the Ramadan’’.

While I read the news paper with a cool glass of beer on my table,I wanted to quickly ask if there was any spiritual rebirth but no one would have answered me.While the paper lasted in my hands,I realized that those bombings in the country have ceased,sorry,been put on hold.Could this be one of those rebirths the Bauchi state governor was talking about?

While in Ogun state yesterday,I decided to visit a Muslim friend  at Sango-Otta partly because I hadn’t seen him for about three years and  to also celebrate with him.This is a good friend who in Secondary school was a very holy Muslim both in behavior and speech while the rest of us were knee-deep in worldly escapades stewing in our fleshly desires.He made me and the rest of us to admire his religion so much.

Infact,my parents openly told me to be closer to him to see if I would be anywhere closer in morality.As we went out to a quiet but nice place in town for the celebration in his car,we were stopped by awful looking looking officers of the Nigerian Police Force.They came close and informed us that we were obstructing the traffic as we waited shortly so that I could get some pieces of apple fruits from a street vendor.

To my surprise,before I could ask what they meant by this crazy charge, my friend,the holy one had doled out some cool naira notes and handed them over to the officers.At this,the officer immediately cleared a path for us to pass through in the crowded street almost hurting some innocent pedestrians.

I was so shocked at this unexpected ungodly indulgence involving a holy child of God,I asked my friend why he had to do that.His  response shocked me the more.He said ‘’Now that the fasting is over, normal life continues’’

According to him,it was just an appreciation and inquired to know what the police officer did that deserved his appreciation.He told me that everybody was doing it and that after that,he would go and ask for forgiveness.I suddenly  became silent.

God bless Nigeria!