The Nigerian Conundrum: A reservoir of derision part 1

13:05 06/08/2012

Often times in Nigeria our beloved country, we’ve been served dishes of derision and false manifestoes by our politicians who think and delude themselves that this is just a characteristic of the game of politics.

When the election time ticket has validated, they cook up lies and tales of a paradise on earth for the credulous masses or mastermind their franchise through the flaunting of money like a cat trailing the scent of a fish. Of course when you want to trap a dog show him a bone.

How do you stop a thousand hungry cats from trailing the scent of a fish? It is simply a ploy of the politicians to exploit the masses, by setting up the fish so the cats can come rushing at its scent.

It is quite disgusting that a man or woman vying for a political office will stand in the face of the masses and blatantly lie about projects he or she never intends to achieve.

It is an abuse of privileges, an exploitation of the status quo and frolic on the people’s intelligence. Politicians in this country are cozeners playing at the art of smartness over the populace. The former president of this country President Obasanjo corroborated the status quo of the House of our legislators as being full of thieves. Two things are immutable when dealing with thieves; 1. They are proficient liars, 2. They are robbers.

My problem here is this, every politician is well paid, why not sit content with the fat salaries and fringe benefits accruing to your offices rather than deeping your hands into the coffers of the federal treasury “every Nigerian” money.

Enough is enough!!! Nigerians are so fed up that everyone just sits down, folds his arm and watches the robbery scene.

Do you know who stole your money? Would you catch the thief?

See you in part 2