The black massacre Part 1

11:33 06/08/2012

As I pin my ears to the ground, as I walk everyday along the streets, as I look at the faces of people walking by, what I see, what I hear, I’ll write; you be the judge.

The battle between the so-called “Rich” and the so-called “Poor” hasn’t waned even slightly; instead, it has gathered momentum day after day.

What they called “middle class” or “Average” to me is a fantasy; an illusion construed to make some people feel slightly better that others but in actuality, it is in the middle of no where. There are always two extremes in this life. It’s rich or poor, day or night, good or bad, beautiful or ugly and so on.

I believe that what people consider as “average” or “middle class” is a dependency factor. Because it is a matter of the mind, it simply means you are NEITHER Rich NOR Poor OR you are EITHER Rich OR Poor. which doesnt make much sense.

Well depending on your definition of Riches or poverty, you can fit yourself in any of these classes.

So what is being Rich; the Encarta Dictionary defines it as having Great wealth or many valuable possessions or plentiful natural things in abundance.

This simple definition sets the divide between the two classes.

Having said that, I draw your attention to the “Pyramid of Class”, at the base of the pyramid, what do you see? The Masses, multitudes, an army of billions & billions of people: the “poor”, this same pyramid with a pin point at the tip is occupied by the “Rich”.

I don’t have any issues with being poor or being rich, the issue I have is one of morality where the rich stampede the poor, most especially those who are doing their best they can to assail the great divide between the two classes.

In Nigeria, it is no news that gluttons cloacked as politicians of this country in a wild frenzy to become rich and maintain the divide are frying the masses in the saucepan of negligence to professed manifestoes. It is either an inadvertent act or they just don’t care.

It is a brutal massacre of the black masses. Let’s just say the government represents the rich maintaining the status quo by enriching themselves to the detriment of the living conditions of the masses.

A situation where the government and its agencies seek to stifle the Voice of the Media when the poor masses raise alarm at the gross brutality of the government when concerning matters of the economy or they embrace the Media when they need to use it to their own advantage……….

Full load in part 2… watch out!!!